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Secure & Efficient IT Management Solutions

“We create full solutions that resolve difficult technical and logistical challenges. We build profitable long-term strategies.”

Jamil AshourCEO & Founder

We offer top-tier asset management solutions for businesses.


The deployment of devices for employees was streamlined and simplified through the centralization of activation, asset tagging, MDM enrollment, IoT Wireless access activation, and the kitting and configuration of software and applications.


Situated minutes away from DFW International Airport in Dallas, Texas, Western Tech’s warehouse allows for quick response times to shipping requests, frequently dispatching orders on the same day they are received.

Cost Efficiency

Beyond the advantage of swift shipping times, the lower real estate and operational costs in the Dallas area enable Western Tech to extend these savings to their clients.


Holding the R2 (Responsible Recycling) version 3 accreditation, which is the gold standard in electronics recycling and refurbishment, Western Tech exemplifies its commitment to sustainable and responsible electronics recycling practices. This certification by SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) assures compliance with environmental, health, and safety standards, appropriate storage and handling of materials, and a transparent chain of custody for managed assets.


We tailor IT hardware solutions to your user goals and growth targets

Enterprise Servers, Networking and Storage

WTS can determine, and procure, the server, configuration, topology and how many switches you will need. How much hardware do you need? WTS ensures you receive exactly what you need.

Desktops, Workstations, Notebooks, Tablets

Hardware Solutions are tiered according to your need for all types of business roles and objectives. We customize how we address end users’ needs to a uniformity of quality and support to the level that’s needed.

Printers, Scanners, Monitors, Projectors, Supplies, Accessories

Accessories are great to have, when they’re needed. With fixed pricing and procurement that delivers, WTS streamlines your deployed hardware.


Fully streamline and automate your network

Network Assessment

Spotting the gaps in your network is not a job for your lunch hour. Work with a WTS certified network engineer to cut out issues before they even arise.

Network Development

Network deployment is a specialist job if you want to be certain your organization achieves the optimal scale and level of performance.

Network Alert & Monitoring

If your network is down, whom will you call? Disruption and network downtime is never a smart look. WTS provides pro-active 24/7 monitoring tools – along with operational support services – to solve your issue.

Network Patch Management

Are you patchy about your patching policy for hardware across your infrastructure? Don’t be. Implement and support an industry standard policy that increases security and stays up to date with the latest fixes and upgrades.


Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is equivalent to combining interior design and office fit-outs. DCIM is where IT and building facilities’ functions converge to provide a holistic view of a data center’s performance. Using DCIM tools to monitor, measure and manage them, WTS ensures efficient use of energy, equipment and floor space.


Ensure network and data secure with top-notch solutions

Network Security

Through a single management console you can manage your security infrastructure and applications to prevent advanced threats that can’t be detected by existing controls.

Data Security

Data loss dangers are real. Anti-malware, firewall and host intrusion detection can secure critical data and protect servers against the loss of sensitive data.

Cloud Security

Keep your email flow running and free of external threat using secure cloud-based applications.

Mobile Security

Even mobile devices, including device firmware and configuration settings can be made safe so content, applications and data remain secure.


Step up your security and boost productivity

Converged Mobility

WTS more than manages mobile devices. It leverages our CEO’s industry leading expertise to develop a unified strategy from your enterprise-grade mobile solutions to achieve the greatest value.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

A customized Enterprise-grade mobility solution and device management system will streamline workflow and remove unnecessary roadblocks to sharing ideas and thoughts across all aspects of your business for your teams.

Mobility Device Management

A cloud-based mobile device management platform gives you transparency and access at anytime from anywhere to your devices.

Managed Mobile Services

Bring an off-payroll solution to design, build and implement an end-to-end procurement, programming, deployment and eventual disposal of all mobile devices – both personal and departmental.

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We provide a variety of professional IT services to a wide range of enterprises in industries as varied as aerospace, education, environment, finance, health, hospitality, transportation, workforce, and many others. 

Read our white paper that showcases one solution where Western Tech offers third-party logistics and IT device management solutions.