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We’ve partnered with over 1400 companies

We provide a variety of professional IT services to a wide range of enterprises in industries as varied as aerospace, education, environment, finance, health, hospitality, transportation, workforce, and many others. Over the past 40 years, it has partnered with over 1400 companies helping them tackle opportunities and challenges in all phases of growth.


  • Heighten customer experiences
  • Unify and harmonize your IT systems
  • Enhance your inventory management
  • Boost your team’s production
  • Migrate your legacy applications
  • Augment your IT team

In an era where technology is increasingly vital to healthcare, its potential to improve patient care, operational costs, and staff efficiency is immense. This industry relies heavily on scalable, maintainable, and cutting-edge technology that adheres to strict industry codes and regulations. In managing complex data requirements such as emergency medical records, patient portals, storage, and security, it’s crucial to work with experts like WTS, who have a deep understanding of both technology and healthcare.

WTS provides solutions for data analytics projects, population health initiatives, and applications requiring system integration. We also establish and maintain secure network collaboration solutions for real-time access to other providers’ data. By offering both professional and managed services, we aim to provide an excellent patient experience. Contact us today for a tailor-made solution to your specific needs.


In patient care, security and privacy is a tenet. We provide and manage trustworthy solutions.


Human care and technology must integrate to deliver superior health outcomes. Our collaboration solutions drive innovation and engagement.


Some processes can be simplified and automated to direct time, resources and care where they are needed most.

Data Center

The wheel does not necessarily need re-invention. Many technologies for Enterprise-class computing, network and storage may be activated and integrated.


  • Manage your desktops
  • Establish scalable data center solutions
  • Create collaborative classroom solutions
  • Empower your students with mobile technology
  • Manage your device lifecycles

As technology becomes central to education delivery and consumption, it’s essential for educators to utilize it effectively. WTS understands that schools not investing in top-tier technology risk losing students, especially given competition with institutions offering engaging, interactive experiences.

To maintain your edge, WTS offers assistance with off-site class streaming, secure online student-teacher communications, effective IT labs, on-demand professional IT support, and robust surveillance systems. We’re committed to planning, implementing, and managing all your technology needs, ensuring your digital presence supports teaching and learning outcomes. By fostering a collaborative learning environment, we aim to engage and empower both teachers and students. Reach out to WTS for tailored education solutions.


Enterprise-grade solutions bring a quality experience to wherever you wish your classroom to be.


Integrated solutions mean educators and learners enjoying greater opportunities than ever to collaborate.


Cumbersome technologies and communications have been consigned to history. Joining is simple and automated now.


A world of possibility opened with cloud computing. The potential of our knowledge is in our reach.

Transportation & Logistics

  • Better manage your supply chain
  • Empower your mobile devices
  • Increase your delivery speed
  • Ensure better customer experiences
  • Manage your lifecycle
  • Lower your IT costs

If transportation or logistics is your business, you already know the importance of technology in your space. Pressure to keep up is coming from all directions. Your customers demand smooth solutions and your competitors will be setting the bar ever higher.

Your supply chain network has to sync with every delivery service – air, truck, maritime and rail – while you focus more than ever on data. The market is growing both in population and in geographical real estate with new suppliers coming on board every day. Data is everything if you are going to be ready to meet market demand. WTS provide the Enterprise IT solutions that make it possible for you to adapt and excel in your sector, as fast as it evolves.

Deployment & Integration

The networks are in the air, and on the roads, oceans and rail. WTS integrates and deploys the systems behind millions of journeys every year.

Managed Services

Keeping track of costs and the effectiveness of the solutions is a discipline all on its own. WTS takes care of this for you.


Wherever your distribution network takes you, WTS’s Enterprise-grade mobility solutions give the greatest guarantee.


Your transport and logistics data is in the Cloud, convenient to you anytime and anywhere.

Financial Services

  • Bring your IT into the modern age
  • Integrate your IT systems
  • Augment your existing IT team

The financial services industry lives or dies by technology. Are you part of the growing movement bringing transformative and disruptive innovation to your industry through the application of new and emerging technologies?

Our mission is to bring to market the latest technologies that will transform financial services and address consumer needs through automation.

We provide IT solutions that are compliant to industry-specific regulations. Does your current IT provider? Do you need to update your IT and your compliance? Your fintech game needs to be at the highest level. WTS has expertise in financial services and technology sector.


Financial organizations depend on WTS for solutions that keep their networks and data safe.


WTS provides user-friendly solutions within networks with the highest security levels.

Data Center

WTS manages enterprise-class computing to service global financial services organizations.

Software & Technology

  • Bring your IT infrastructure into the modern age
  • Integrate your IT systems
  • Augment your existing IT team
  • Lower your IT costs

You have what it takes to be a leader in your industry, but you need help covering every base. Amazing technology is demanded of you, and at the same time you need a stable, secure, scalable IT infrastructure. Where others aspire to be leading edge, that’s where you start. To say you receive unique demands from your technologists every day is an understatement.

Whether it’s the addition of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) or augmented reality (AR), you require the most robust IT infrastructure, and computing requirements on you are staggering.The more your customers demand consumption-based or pay-per-use services, the more you need cloud solutions from WTS.

Technology firms need a partner as tech-savvy as your team, and nothing less. We complement your team’s strengths, speak your language, and can identify and match you to ideal opportunities.


When you are coming up with software that’s among the most innovative ever, risk-free Enterprise-class solutions are the only way to go.


As an IT organization that others depend on, our clients look to us for the best in Cloud solutions.

Managed Services

Count on the best managers of IT service to monitor and improve your costs, increase efficiency, and understand your business.

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We provide a variety of professional IT services to a wide range of enterprises in industries as varied as aerospace, education, environment, finance, health, hospitality, transportation, workforce, and many others. 

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