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Experience a Unified Platform Offering Multi-Carrier Interconnectivity

Enjoy a comprehensive, multi-layered management of devices and carrier networks in a unified platform. The eUICC feature enables remote operator profile provisioning and eliminates the risk of carrier lock-in.

Single Sim

Consolidated Bill

Global Connectivity

We are the sole IoT Connectivity provider you will ever require. Utilize our IoT/M2M SIM cards for access to over 600 roaming networks and numerous local operator profiles across 200+ countries and territories globally.

  • Boost Reliability with Non-Steered Multi-Network Connection
  • Custom Solutions Designed for Your Unique Needs
  • Expedite Market Entry with Diverse SIM Choices
  • Elevate Trust with Advanced Security Measures

Unified Connectivity Hub

Manage your devices’ network subscriptions using a solitary eSIM Connectivity Hub, remotely provision operator profiles, and swap them as required. Keep a check on your connectivity status and modify operators in accordance with your business needs.

Utilize Western Tech Systems IoT’s eSIM Connectivity Hub for a comprehensive oversight and management of your worldwide eSIM inventory. Execute individual SIM-level actions or large-scale operations. Regulate your data limits and manage connectivity costs effectively. Utilize valuable insights to enhance your product, logistics, deployment, and scalability potential.

Leverage Global Connectivity to Become an Industry Leader

The reach of the Internet of Things is extending across nearly all sectors, enhancing operations, minimizing expenses, and revolutionizing entire industries. Irrespective of your business niche, we are equipped to help you unlock the immense potential of IoT. Explore the sectors highlighted below to understand how Western Tech Systems IoT catalyzes opportunities in your industry and how you stand to gain from an integrated IoT connectivity provider.

Healthcare Connectivity

Through its medical-grade services and global network coverage, Western Tech Systems IoT ensures optimal resource utilization by providing secure, dependable device and data connections for the healthcare sector. Consequently, this connected health approach boosts efficiency and improves the patient experience.

Transportation & Logistics

Western Tech Systems IoT aids transportation and logistics companies in reducing total ownership costs by utilizing global IoT connectivity and a connectivity management platform. This helps to enhance efficiency and facilitate the connection and management of fleets and assets, irrespective of their location.

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