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slider4Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is the term that is used to describe the secure provision, deployment and management of corporate smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices for business use.


EMM is therefore the all-embracing description for the people, processes, policies and technology required by corporates to manage the increasing array of mobile devices, wireless networks and related services which make up the rapidly expanding area of mobile computing in the business world.

EMM is a new discipline within the enterprise environment. It has become increasingly important as more and more organisations have chosen to migrate their staff towards more mobile working environments and methodologies. The resulting changes in demands for and use of network infrastructure, mobile data consumption, help desk support, IT maintenance and other areas have had a major impact on all levels of the business, not least in the area of telecom spend.

At the same time, many corporations have struggled with initiatives taken by employees themselves, where staff have brought their personal mobile devices into the workplace and asked to be connected to the corporate network.

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If you have done any research on corporate health services, you may have found that many companies are now utilizing wellness programs in the workplace with great results and a good ROI. Our programs are multi-dimensional, personalized, and motivating. Your employees may not be excited about a new program or may see it as unnecessary. We can help you develop a corporate wellness service program that everyone will be excited about. There are a lot of factors and information that go into forming and implementing a successful corporate wellness program. We are here to help that become a reality for your corporation.

We offer a variety of corporate health services that can appeal to a wide audience and a variety of different employees. We offer assessments, tracking, metrics, reporting, and surveys for informational purposes.




With the introduction of new technologies into the network a lot of complexity has been added to the existing network architectures. Many carriers are moving to an Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and a 4G technology to simplify the architecture. This requires the integration of the existing network assets with the EPC. Carriers are also moving to a VoLTE technology to carry voice on their LTE data only assets. This requires the introduction of IMS into the network.

WesternTechSystems utilizes the best practices in project management, and experienced engineers, to help deliver integration projects on time and within budget. We have engineers who are engaged in current and past integration projects of the EPC, IMS, as well as VoLTE.

Increase your coverage and range by allowing our team of industry leading engineers analyze, diagnose and optimize your networks.



In today’s dynamic business environment, projects, priorities and budgets can change overnight. As a result, IT departments must be able to rapidly adjust their staffing levels and effectively control costs. Staff augmentation services are designed to fill this gap, providing day-to-day on-site support on a short- or long-term basis.

We take the time to understand your business requirements, project needs and goals. With this information, we match you with engineers that have the necessary training and experience to deliver the services required.